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By Jenna Treherne 25 Feb 2016

A ore recorded message to listen carefully

By Christina Judge 01 Feb 2016

Please quit calling me i have mental health prob ems and have anxiety attacks when i dint understand geese Numbers

By Michael Roney 18 Jan 2016

I missed a call from this amount.

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    By Laura Loftin 07 Apr 2016

    my cellular telephone number has been selected as a victor of . pound with winning number EM Eur for claims email clemently.com BR BR i live inside the Netherlands


    By Danitra Goss 23 Apr 2016

    spam. missed a call from them but they left a very broken express email about an injury i supposedly had.


    By Rebecca Stino 16 Apr 2016

    received a missed call from this amount and it rang for only times before it went away. anyone knows who might it be


    By misty forrester 07 Jul 2016

    who owns this telephone number


    By Christie Goddard 04 Jun 2016

    simply had someone knock at my door who desired to give me free quote for solar panels. said surveyor would quantify upward and give me details of how much i could save but not how considerably it will cost me. in minutes the manager rang to say they would contact me to arrange for my a visit when my partner and i were dwelling within the evening. they got a lot of info from me and dint enjoy the manner they did business. i became questionable and rang the authorities as they would not give me any advice around their business or the solar panels.


    By DENISE POTTER 29 Apr 2016

    merely wondering who is calling


    By Barbara Ruecksties 11 Jul 2016

    hello you called


    By Hartley Collins 02 Jun 2016

    scam call for a free cruise. didn't reply listened to the express mail.


    By Betty Riess 12 Mar 2016

    they inquired for me by name


    By Debbie Bresnick 29 Jun 2016

    if you shun them they will fail

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