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By Tina Fountain 01 Apr 2016

The RCA centre within Manchester is shared with other companies so you may get calls from a few different folks i know that British gas and RCA run from the same centre.

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    By Ritta Abell 09 Jul 2016

    id enjoy to know who SW trying to call ND why


    By Carl Willms 14 May 2016

    received a call.


    By Melissa Belt 10 Jul 2016

    just had a call from this number going on around poi claiming or something it was my mum on the telephone and shes stupid enough to give them decent information they presumably need they additionally said they re going to ring back and perhaps come round is this a scam has anyone else had a call from them I am exceptionally stressed that they could investigation your credit information to try and trace any poi assert.


    By Katherine melissa Gallardo 12 Apr 2016

    missed today think its a company


    By Sean settles Sean 12 Jul 2016

    named me at am on my o mobile and hung upwards as shortly as i answered. wt is wrong with these folks BR i wont be phoning them back.


    By Cherish Connor 04 Feb 2016

    called stated i was inside dangerous danger and was being investigated by the IRS....scam composed all around it


    By Gerri Boesch 21 May 2016

    trying to locate out who owns this amount.


    By Eric Milner 11 Jun 2016

    call at . this morning from this amount began as a regular type of scam call around unsecured credit subsequently became a pervert call do not reply this mans accent is really strong sounds from the sub continent north India maybe just understandable English but has a fair vocabulary of sexually explicit vernacular


    By Francis Straub 29 Feb 2016

    named my cell left no message.


    By Earnestine Blue 14 Jun 2016

    i need to know the person named me

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