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By Vincent Gullotta 17 Apr 2017

Trying to collect a debt from me. I will never pay you! I screwed you and there is nothing you can do about it! Hahaha!

By Australia Washington 12 May 2016

Asian sounding man in a noisy call centre claiming to be from discuss discuss he knew my name. he could well have been from discuss talk. however i told him that since the cuber strike and based on the amount of individuals who now call claiming to be from talk talk i wasn't prepared to accept his call and hung upwards. i struggle with the concept of paying for a phone line so that folks could ring upward and waste my time.

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    By Malia Hinson 27 Apr 2016

    I have been becoming loads of pare recorded messages saying something like hello this is Mortimer Clarke please call us on xxxix our launch hours are xxx xxx this is not a sales call. I've been ignoring them for the last months or so as assumed it was simply a nuisance hoax caller but did some research now that i have received in the last days


    By Valeriy Dudarov 05 Jan 2016

    whose amount is this


    By Antonette Carter 05 Jun 2016

    somebody registered my work email address on some website that i don't know nor was it component of the message then sent me a message. would simply like to know who the individual or company was.


    By Mark Parris 31 May 2016

    ridiculous texts


    By Jon Whiley 27 May 2016

    when i answered nobody replied.


    By Alice Holley 04 Mar 2016

    shorten it.


    By Peter Dsf 05 Jul 2016



    By Rob Knightly 30 May 2016



    By Leanne Rocha 25 Apr 2016

    Jeep Kan itch besetting DA intestine kine Kirsten get nu um NE umbrage Ind fr richer gibbets Wei Weiss DA's Weill itch slabs AIs Dee schwas bin Ind AF Dee Strauss ingestion wide d


    By R. joe Smallwood 04 Jul 2016

    who owns this number

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