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By Vincent Gullotta 17 Apr 2017

Trying to collect a debt from me. I will never pay you! I screwed you and there is nothing you can do about it! Hahaha!

By Australia Washington 12 May 2016

Asian sounding man in a noisy call centre claiming to be from discuss discuss he knew my name. he could well have been from discuss talk. however i told him that since the cuber strike and based on the amount of individuals who now call claiming to be from talk talk i wasn't prepared to accept his call and hung upwards. i struggle with the concept of paying for a phone line so that folks could ring upward and waste my time.

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    By carrie malcolm 06 Feb 2016

    late nighttime call i dint know who sent it


    By Christoph Crook 30 Apr 2016

    no message


    By Michael Botelho 30 Mar 2016

    i have been getting calls from this number.


    By Mary Dike 08 May 2016

    no SE a quine pertinence


    By Bobbi Thornburgh 03 Feb 2016

    declaring war isn't a clever thing to can inside this current age of political unrest and extremist dictatorships. i believe we should all sit within a circle joining hands and centre ourselves among st our the positive vibrations that emanate from mother ground.


    By Derek Elevier 15 May 2016

    no message left.


    By Royce Pierce 10 Mar 2016

    morals sch on AF Dem display die bummer ... war Amer niche Z ha use.


    By William Pais 29 Mar 2016

    have received calls within days from these guys. i never answer any number i dint recognize unless it starts with . i presumed it might have been inhere asking for more donations they are particularly pesky. no messages left.


    By Binky Rose 17 May 2016

    unknown number called


    By MISTY SALZMAN 18 May 2016

    got a telephone call from this amount. the caller did not leave any message.

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