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By Rob Brouillette 19 Jun 2016

BR this number called me on a Sunday evening .pm yet i didn't reply it. I have not located anything on the net about this number but I am guessing this is another spammer. why call me on a sundry BR anyone who has been called by this amount block it as I have already done unless someone could verify that this number is genuine.

By Scott Falls 09 May 2016

Only had call from this business.claim i had an injury within past years.got rather stroppy when i said i hadn't.BR dint reply if you see this amount displayed.BR something should be done about these callers

By Joyce Akinyi 22 Feb 2016

Got a call on my cell.

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    By Kassidy Reed 28 Apr 2016

    regrettably taps doesn't cover calls from overseas and it sounds as if this falls into that group.


    By Christine Forster 05 Jul 2016

    these people keep phoning repeatedly generally it has been while i was working nevertheless when i did answer they want to get me compensation for injuries i may ell have suffered in a auto injury no injury exists they would not give their name or company name I've now blocked the number suggest anyone who gets a call from them does the same


    By Ester Carranza 25 Apr 2016

    got calls from the number.


    By Maryvonne Guillemin 09 Feb 2016

    Cambridge communications. you will complain through the nuisance calls page of their website or to customer services team on .


    By mollie slone 25 Jan 2016

    i am from windows tech. this is a scam


    By Fredria Hubbard 20 Jun 2016

    calls times a week. no one is ever on the other end.


    By Barbara Rauchenstein 08 May 2016

    called from a business named ICBM appeared to be using a local amount which is exactly why i answered. the killed the call when i inquired for info on who was incs


    By Teasha Schweikert 03 Jul 2016

    they are striving to org anise free wealth appointment with the intent to get you to consolidate all your debts and purchase overpriced property from among their developers. stay away from them. will call you constantly from a multitude of different mobile telephone numbers. some other numbers they use are I've been called by every one of them over days. that's disgusting and distressed.


    By Ashley Dailey 11 Apr 2016

    no message left.


    By Vayl Oxford 22 Jan 2016

    called and hung upward with no message.

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