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By Rob Brouillette 19 Jun 2016

BR this number called me on a Sunday evening .pm yet i didn't reply it. I have not located anything on the net about this number but I am guessing this is another spammer. why call me on a sundry BR anyone who has been called by this amount block it as I have already done unless someone could verify that this number is genuine.

By Scott Falls 09 May 2016

Only had call from this business.claim i had an injury within past years.got rather stroppy when i said i hadn't.BR dint reply if you see this amount displayed.BR something should be done about these callers

By Joyce Akinyi 22 Feb 2016

Got a call on my cell.

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    By Shirley Talley 30 Jun 2016

    need to understand who business are as am billed for call


    By Nicole Wilczynski 20 Jun 2016

    this amount calls me several time claiming to be from windows to check my computer and i keep telling them i dint have a computer but they still keep calling do not let them accessibility you computer its a scam


    By Kedeidra Dupree 27 Jun 2016

    called my cell left no message.


    By Kristina Staloch 17 May 2016

    telephone calls with no one on line when decided upwards.


    By Helene Moore 12 Mar 2016

    i received a message with the from number as creation telling me i was going to receive a survey about my recent curry's purchase i subsequently received the questionnaire from this number which was a gratification survey.


    By Stacey Sovereign 08 Feb 2016

    stole credit from my child's phone not happy


    By Rosario Urquieta 18 May 2016

    my name is name and i live inside town at numbers address with a postcode.


    By Kristi Diamond 11 Jun 2016

    a company went through our neighborhood and posted notices that they were repainting the street numbers on the curbs. they listed a telephone number and a web site to call or contact if we did not want it done. the company did exist but their site did not so i called their amount inside Arcadia ca and left a message to not repaint the number because it was fine. i get today harassing calls from these individuals. one man called back and said who gives you the right to only hang up on me you must have gotten your character pills from the bottom of the dumpster. you are nothing but a . I'm a for exercising my right within my own residence to hang upwards on a harassing telemarketer these callers come across my named id as California or private caller. what happened to this national do not call directory that we're listed on


    By JOHN MCDUELL 13 Apr 2016

    typed in browser. cannot locate the caller registered to it.


    By Valerie Broeker 05 Jul 2016

    got calls

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