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By Rob Brouillette 19 Jun 2016

BR this number called me on a Sunday evening .pm yet i didn't reply it. I have not located anything on the net about this number but I am guessing this is another spammer. why call me on a sundry BR anyone who has been called by this amount block it as I have already done unless someone could verify that this number is genuine.

By Scott Falls 09 May 2016

Only had call from this business.claim i had an injury within past years.got rather stroppy when i said i hadn't.BR dint reply if you see this amount displayed.BR something should be done about these callers

By Joyce Akinyi 22 Feb 2016

Got a call on my cell.

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    By Phil Worthington 06 Jul 2016

    co tam u Cebu Tania disk


    By Jaime Hackworth 21 May 2016

    got calls from the number.


    By Darrell Davidson 14 May 2016

    got a call saying I've won free anti virus product from chili security and also desired to install stuff and had to download a link and it will take an hour on the phone with him this is a scam


    By Karen Stones 07 Jul 2016

    call me after please


    By Rhodes Jeffrey 11 Jan 2016

    calls using exact same sort of script as these chance rs a .com phone amount..com phone number.aspics BR claims to be from London diamonds something. says they've spoken to me before. luckily they only have an old address so i wont get their crap if they would send it.BR BR this time said i wasn't interested and the man only hung upwards on me didn't even continue his script. getting fed ups with these idiots pretending to sell advise on investments etc. i reckon they are con artists.


    By Gaye Tassoul 11 May 2016

    only got a call from orange asking about my phone upgrade which is now due. i got funny when they asked me what my current telephone version was and began to inquire security questions. as soon as i said i would call orange customer services back at a after date they hung upwards. homonym


    By Heather Swann 18 Mar 2016

    i got calls from this amount but never a message.


    By Marlon Murray 26 Feb 2016

    had calls from this amount. never replied.


    By Milam Chris 19 May 2016

    missed call


    By Betty Aminsk 06 Jul 2016

    this number calls. leaves no message

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