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By Tony Borton 07 May 2016

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    By Rebecca Honrud 31 May 2016



    By Til Van 13 Mar 2016

    need me to invest dollars i did not give them my bank account number but got Sims that they attempted to take cash from my account twice


    By Ebony Mathewson 12 Feb 2016

    calling frequently amp assuming wrong no


    By Kevin Sacramonto 17 Mar 2016

    simply had a miss call


    By Jennifer Younghans 08 Jul 2016

    this caller keeps calling me then hanging upwards when you return the call you are on an automatic hold with music with automated voice asking you to stay on line as the call is important


    By Cristie Neff 21 Feb 2016

    several calls


    By Chewy Salazar 26 Apr 2016

    missed the call


    By Isidro Barahona 15 May 2016

    whose is this number


    By Aaron Watnemoe 31 Mar 2016

    maybe Michael Jon who has named me my cellular telephone with amount withheld several times within the early hours of the morning clearly drunk and who laughing and cackling identifies himself as Michael Jon before putting the telephone down would locate the balls to identify himself and reveal what this is all around.BR since i have received no response whatsoever from the the website administrator to whom i have reported this persistent maliciousness both these posts and the telephone calls have been reported to the police. as will any further malicious postings.BR Dr peter baker


    By Ivan Astorga 12 Jul 2016

    woman said she was from safe fashion UK calling to tell me around there latest double glazing offer. told her the number was registered with taps and she hung up.

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