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By Tony Borton 07 May 2016

No message

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    By Victorianne Russell 18 Jun 2016

    Sims messages was sent to me while i was answering a free questions quiz to win a Holden Cruz. BR these messages price me . each and i received Sims less than minutes. the source number was .BR BR we need to locate out where the money is going to and get it all back for the people who fell for the trap. BR anyone interested i want to get individuals together and get the authorities included to stop this from happening. we have to create a standby BR send an email to .com if you enjoy to join and create a difference BR about these rd party thieving companies BR Edward


    By Patricia Finklea 21 Feb 2016

    appears as a missed call on my telephone at work.


    By Sonya Bertalot 17 Jan 2016

    named BR Asian female asked to talk to the guy of the house


    By Shteria Carter 23 Jan 2016

    named to warn my girlfriend to stay away from me


    By Amy Wolner 25 Jan 2016

    it was a call to my cell phone.


    By Thomas p. Trujillo 20 May 2016

    Ticketmaster simply informing you of changes to the event


    By Mathosian Debbie 30 Mar 2016

    somebody still calling to me.


    By Thomas Lapilla 01 Feb 2016

    Cetus UN con a apparel.


    By Melissa Brunner 23 Apr 2016

    who is calling me from this amount phone


    By Lisha Wood 08 Feb 2016

    Batu DPT call PG Ni lay an Jew Duncan ma cam ma cam Solon ducat stung jam abhor skoal Kara tack nark. DA seal DPT Angolan ma cam Nisan DA excursion Hun lassoed tau trick DOA Kali Ni.

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