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By Scott Ruser 28 Jun 2016

WHO's number

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    By harold cohen 07 Jun 2016

    y can i keep receiving calls fro this number and they leave messages but no details they only keep saying this is a serious call and i want to here from your attorney it sounds enjoy its someone striving to collect my info because a few KS past i implemented for a pay day loan and every since afterward I have been becoming calls from all sorts of numbers sounding like the same individual striving to determine there voice but they dint spake English quite well so its kinda difficult to transform there voice and they use a different name every time


    By Karen Brunell 12 Jul 2016

    honeybee BR I've been to hospital i am entirely over the measles cough amp i think about over the measles i ha vent gained my strength however but my appetite is really great amp i think i will be powerful in a few days i ha vent been outside of the ward. but as the weather is quite fine i suppose i will go out a small while this day.BR BR even though you are way away right i understand that you are close to me within other methods. each time we think of each other we cut through the distance. each time we compose and read letters we're hugging each other with words i will see your smile. each time i need motivation i bring it from you.BR BR honey i receive an email from the agency that i will have to advise you that all foreign bundle that will across the Philippines that must experience some process before the package deliver to your house address they're import duties charges and tariffs that if this charges will not be settle they will not enable the bundle to move to your dwelling address try to settle them to that they will be able to deliver the package to you so just to advise you on that they told me that the charges will be Philippine money. i am informing you on that so that you will be competent to get ready on that we have a very awful indicate here and also missile had reach inside our camp but i thank god i was not in the camp when that hit some folks expire hon. attempt to be praying difficult for me so that i will soon be with you around there inside your country as i said hon try to settle them if any amount they let them know that i put that cash for you inside that TV and additionally dint let them know that BR place my ATM card there so that they will not charge you higher i take care always i love you so much hon attempt to email me by once they deliver the package hon.BR BR we are blessed and cursed by this distance between us. we are forced to enjoy the fine parts of our relationship that others with the privileged of nearness fail to detect. all the while we will anticipate and picture a future with nothing keeping us apart. this time of anticipation is a moment that we should cherish as a nerve racking feeling that just love could produce. and it's this feeling that causes me to travel to you each time i see your face or read your words.BR BR lovebird max


    By Paige Billis 17 May 2016

    u contacted Ur folks banks fraud office b coming here


    By Victor Mormile 02 Jul 2016

    keeps calling and when within saying hello their simply sitting on the other finish of the phone listening had a lot of calls over the last two days. freaky


    By Druicilla Pauls 07 Jul 2016

    this is a letter from credit consultants who would the credit group for Wilson parking. they describe the letter as designed to bring focus. i named them as the bill had really been paid and they acknowledged it was sent by them.


    By Tamara Lipps 02 Jun 2016

    power retention's.


    By Clifford Malphrus 05 Jun 2016

    i have been becoming calls from this amount.


    By Tonya Goodsell 21 May 2016

    no message left


    By Kathy Kemnitz 21 Jan 2016

    calling my house


    By Ronnie Bramlett 21 Feb 2016

    hung upwards on my answering machine.

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