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By Sayra Ramirez 18 May 2016

Whats happening with the wine scam company named prime trading any info please.

By Jacqueline Affonso 12 May 2016

Keeps calling does not speak when i answer

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    By kelly dexter 01 Jul 2016

    calling to say my computer is sending outside bad stuff and they may mend it. they want to take around computer to mend it.


    By Matt Pearce 03 Apr 2016

    message from Homeric reference number left but no one responses when we call it


    By Martha Mina 01 Jun 2016

    caller hangs up likely to be a call middle.


    By Beata Czekaj 01 Jul 2016

    promptly hang upwards.


    By Arthur Mangum 25 May 2016

    got a call from this phone amount.


    By Adam Stuckemeyer 09 Feb 2016

    we've received calls from this number now. named it back and some guy answered but didn't say who he was. the Rob message says it is the IRS around a litigation.


    By Mcfarland Rebecca 08 Jun 2016

    i was just named around this same scam yet when he offered me i played his game to see how much he would go and if he would get angry. he first told me i had to verify my name and address so i proceed to let him give it and see what he had. she said the right information. then he gave me the options of savings checking account account transfer cash or credit card transfer. when i said cash he kept saying he needed my birthday to verify i was who i said i was. when i said you should have all that if you are calling from the government. when i inquired what division of the government he was calling from he kept saying us government. subsequently i said i know its us cause i live within the states you wouldn't call from another state government. i said what division is it NASA doe social security national health government he said demographics i was enjoy what is demographics i said there is no division named demographics he kept saying if you dint want the cash afterward dint take it. BR BR i said sir what's your name he says Stanley. i said well Stanley give me your boss name and number and i will call him and tell him what a great job you are doing attempting to scam me. he proceeds that it isn't a scam and its from the real government i said to him if i called him outside of the blue and asked him for his name and street address would he give it to me. he hesitated as if it was a trick question but was proceeding to no. afterward he eventually says no. so i say if you wouldn't would it why should i. he kept saying cause i was picked. he kept saying you dint have to give me anything simply your birthday and i will give you a amount to call. i will additionally give my id amount. i told him i knew around this scam from this site and hung upward on him


    By Rachel Buesing 23 Feb 2016

    to complain contact the office of the tips commissioner calico.gs.gov.UK or phone number is that's your staring point at least.


    By Shirley Reddoch 08 Apr 2016

    had em call me this morning at


    By Clarence Peed 05 Jun 2016

    no message left.

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