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By Sayra Ramirez 18 May 2016

Whats happening with the wine scam company named prime trading any info please.

By Jacqueline Affonso 12 May 2016

Keeps calling does not speak when i answer

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    By J Nalls 27 Jun 2016

    orients rewards to boost membership card ...BR BR a .orient rewards.neat


    By Deann Zens 19 May 2016

    really annoying and stupid person


    By Rachael Lee Lichterman 01 Feb 2016

    had a call at . but didn't response it because my caller display showed this number and i thought it was a odd one. happy i didn't response it thought it was a rubbish call


    By Julio Pomar 07 Jun 2016

    does anybody else getting calls from this number


    By Jeremy Laule 07 Jul 2016

    Avalon trustees said i had completed a survey a couple of weeks back cant say for definite if i did or didn't. striving to sell me a funeral plan seemingly they have gone upwards since . said i was rather joyful for my family to pay out of my savings and other wordily goods i have. said it may be but told him who cares i wont be the one worrying.


    By Jacki Gabehart 20 May 2016

    i want to know who called me.


    By Zachary Burson 11 May 2016

    IL razzing Si Iscariot a gulch Soto col legato con ques to call center gotcha info EC... e suctioned accent Sulla demand poss dare i Tupi DAT per extent commercial Si Ionesco quest telephoned Dale call centre. a ques to call centre Si apportion varied society.. a me Hanna proposed unscrewing per caprice eventual spews dentist.


    By Byran Chock 25 Jun 2016

    i dint know


    By Delaina Robertson 30 May 2016

    hello Elisabeth


    By Anna Cassone 23 Jun 2016

    exactly why they call

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