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By Betty Wangler 13 May 2016

is a fictitious number their actual amount is under this company name lam Swiss group. the person on the line named Robert Christopher affirm at me repeatedly after couple of calls attempting to sell their trading service to me which i have no interest at all. his hedge fund supervisor Andrew baron has though to return my call.

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    By Joel Heuer 29 Jun 2016

    no one responded.


    By Karolina Rubio 25 Jun 2016

    keeps calling no message


    By Jordan Tillit 18 May 2016



    By Pajdee Thao 29 May 2016

    oddly my problem came after id allowed a genuine and a similar percentage useless dell tech to have distant accessibility. contacted dell. a potential alternative worked for me is to restart the PC.as the power comes on keep hitting f until the boot up scree en appears. reach f restart the machine. sorry mac users cant help.


    By Dan Greenya 20 May 2016

    WHO's amount is this please


    By Thomas Robins 13 Mar 2016

    does not leave a message


    By secrest208 comcast.net Janet 03 Feb 2016

    it simply rang my house telephone and when i answered it only went totally quiet and then they hung upwards.peculiar hope they dint ring back again.


    By E Skrine 15 Jun 2016

    whoever owns this mobile is sending childish text messages to the sum in my own cellular telephone broadband dongle. what a .


    By Marcia Stonge 07 Jul 2016

    simply had a call from this amount once i realized there was the normal delay before anyone spoke i said nothing and only hung up feel rather chuffed i usually attempt to reply the call am always polite but once they comprehend I'm not interested they rudely hang upwards on me maybe ill never again need to talk to the nameless them again


    By Patty Burnaman 19 Apr 2016


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