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By Steve Sumler 08 Jul 2016

These texts come from orange. replying quit all works. the local orange store place me on these without my knowledge when i shifted my telephone. i dint however however understand if it was deliberate or incompetence.

By Eleftherios Contos 17 Jun 2016

They have been calling me twice a day for weeks. I've blocked the number but they still try. I've also sent them an email through their site to ask them to cease calling me. its annoying.

By Ola Mcphee 19 Mar 2016

Found this amount on my caller id.

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    By Jeanette Aramberg 01 May 2016

    striving to locate outside who calls from this amount.


    By Dela Cruz Rudy 28 May 2016

    contacted me to say that they were attempting to accumulate a debt from me for a loan that i never implemented for.BR need help figuring outside who this is and if its fraud.


    By Amadou Jallow 25 May 2016

    as d said formerly the numbers within the range have never been issued for general use by of com but are reserved for TV and play. the xxx range is now being used by ambulance chasers for fake injury claims. now in my own view right me if i am erroneous no authentic business that uses a fake range of numbers shifting one end digit today would be conducting honest company for the great of the community.


    By jo bourdon 19 Jun 2016

    i received a call from this company when my telephone was on flight mode so i didn't response. after seeing the messages on this web site i have now blocked the number.


    By Mark Beaudry 24 Apr 2016

    too many calls from this amount.


    By Daniel Journet 12 Jun 2016

    please i wanna understand the owner of the number


    By Magdelene Padilla 20 Apr 2016

    hay AB


    By Daniel Ruttenbur 11 Feb 2016

    who called on this number


    By Paul Santomauro 24 May 2016

    answered but only heard silence.


    By joy gorongsay 21 Apr 2016

    egomaniac bogotify

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