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By Ben Cuddy 18 May 2016

Got a call from this number

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    By Swan Bender 27 Jun 2016

    only got a missed call from this amount.


    By Carol Schauerman 01 Jul 2016

    got a call with no message left.


    By Janeir Alvarez 12 May 2016

    this unknown amount is constantly call me.


    By Perle Tweddle 30 Jun 2016

    replied to a foreigner speaking English and duplicating same phrases so likely from a script. beware this is a scam as she said it was Lina from windows. me believing double glazing then she inquired me if i was the owner of a computer at which i asked again who was calling and she said windows and i said no its a scam a few times within which she wasn't listening to me. the last time i said it she said something enjoy ... go ..... ....... Bach... fine peculiar how they decide upward the fine phrases first isn't it a search on this number brings upwards nothing so these folks are getting very clever. i dint know if its a mobile starting with doubtful or they've bought British numbers up from abroad. either way avert enjoy the plague and tell the elderly and venerable too.


    By Sheila Merschman 26 Jun 2016

    got a call from this number twice it rang each time only once. i did not decide up.


    By Meri Reith 15 Apr 2016

    silent duplicate calls


    By margarethe Stubbs 08 Feb 2016

    i need to understand the identity of this individual


    By Ali Zaghouani 20 Feb 2016

    anyone knows who this number belongs tor


    By TERRY TIPTON 16 Feb 2016

    i got this overly. did you reply OTB Len


    By Lisa Stilliana 14 Mar 2016

    call received with this amount noted as unknown contact. any unknown callers i don't reply. its as simple as that

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