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By Donesia Lee 24 Jan 2016

Me lawman DE Ester numeric y no Harlan

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    By Satish Korpe 13 Jun 2016

    who is calling me from


    By Cecil Voyles 29 Mar 2016

    got a call from a girl who claimed to be in new York but again had an Indian or similar emphasis. she claimed to have got my name from my manager whose name and job title she quoted and desired to discuss to me about it infrastructure and our relationship with third party suppliers. i asked them to call back tomorrow. my manager has not heard anything about it.


    By Terrell Simpson 07 Jun 2016

    i had a call from this amount a couple of weeks ago offering me a loyalty tariff as I've been with o so long and a trade inside on my handset. i didn't sign upwards to anything and when i called back the person id spoken to wasn't available and never rang back. when i rang o they told me there was no such thing as a devotion tariff or trade within and assessed i didn't give any bank details. I have never had a company account with o so ill continue to deal with o direct.


    By Paul Mello 27 May 2016

    multiple calls from this amount all within the space of about hours luckily i have call screening and it goes straight to answerphone no message left


    By Dylan Weir 26 Mar 2016

    i received a call from the number mentioned below.BR BR BR BR please let me understand from where this call originated from


    By joan mcdonough 20 May 2016

    have no thought who it is.


    By Cindy Murdoch 03 Apr 2016

    could you help me i need to know WHO's trying to call me for three days now I am really going crazy


    By Rayshelle Davis 22 Jun 2016

    Indian emphasis inquired for me by my first name and then out the phone downer probably the customary rubbish have blocked the number now


    By Adeline Gelhaus 26 Jun 2016

    cs cs test and cs cs card booking number inside don caster


    By Maclomb Donald 15 Jan 2016

    i keep receiving calls from this amount overly. generally wait till i say hello then hang up.BR this is followed by either an automated message press followed by the hash vital.

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