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By Toni-anne Couto 04 Apr 2016

Left no MSG.

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    By RUTHANNE SAMPSON 12 Jan 2016

    how do you block these people i only got a call at


    By Britany Acey 12 Mar 2016

    called tonight pm kinda late isn't said her name was Madelyn...i said i am on the don't call list so dint call me anymore so bloody ill of all these calls day and nighttime. stop


    By Joanne Kaylor 16 Apr 2016

    this number phone non stop if i wanna telephone no one is picking up


    By Rick Brawner 30 Jan 2016

    i had a call from this amount they told me i had two weeks to pay the big guy or they would send the heavy's over to my bedsit. i sat tight and ignored the upsetting threats. i afterward got a knock at the door a few weeks after by two dept collectors. i managed to fight away the two black men with a sling shot and a co op pocket knife in a two hour standoff. these boys are poor and full of empty threats I'm still at large to this day. god dam you virgin


    By Johnsey Reynolds 06 Mar 2016

    who calls from this amount and what would they desire.


    By Earla Stotts 01 Jun 2016

    inquired you to collect complimentary resort voucher. voucher is no good.


    By Steve Humleker 11 Jun 2016

    got calls from the amount.


    By Sarita Marshall 20 Jun 2016

    this number named me a few times after i inquired about a sliding door. i didn't hear anything after i answered. and the other time i didn't reply at all. i think its created from Lowe's or another door window affiliated business.


    By Kristie Crenshaw 07 Jul 2016

    thank you for informing me of yet another useless caller for me to blow off.. i have given upwards answering my residence number permanently .... before coming here to look it upward.. i need to charge the caller my time


    By Holly Torkel 03 Apr 2016

    we received multiple abusive calls form this number

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