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By Fakhra Shah 20 Jan 2016

They have called me twice have been out attempted to phone back but number appears non existent

By Lawnie Mathews 11 Jan 2016


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    By Hollis Thompson 17 Jun 2016

    who owner DOE the number


    By Alan Trovato 08 Feb 2016

    dint understand the number


    By Elizabeth Sommerville 10 Apr 2016

    need to know


    By Jeanie Spence 27 Apr 2016

    same as above James an Asian man rang my ex directory number asking if i had a windows computer told him i didn't he afterward called me a scoundrel he hung up when i asked for his proper name and business surprisingly how can this number be blocked


    By Timbra Adaway 14 Feb 2016

    this amount does come from Ill. BR BR it is the amount that's a blocker number of sorts. you cant get back through because it's not really a true inside line but rolls around to the PBX board its similar to withheld prompts . BR BR pretty considerably any payphone er phones nurses station patient rooms laboratory company office etc.. will reveal this as the amount. if you are getting funky messages at am in the morning or so... it may be anxious people striving to reach loved ones from Ill on a room phone or pay phone etc. BR BR BR nurses or staff cannot leave messages without precisely confirming who you are due to hip pa. nobody wants awful news around the phone.. let alone a incorrect unconfirmed number. BR BR simply block this number outside. if it is staff sometimes they will give you a direct line to their station. but most times... they cant say boo or identify themselves. BR BR expect that helps


    By Chad Wonch 09 Jun 2016

    received a phone call from this number. the caller left no voice message.


    By Teah Strop 17 Jun 2016

    phoned me now at i did not recognize the amount so did not response. no message left on answer machine.


    By quinn goodman 04 Jun 2016

    caller promptly aborted call when i mentioned the taps


    By Flora Sampson 31 Jan 2016

    got a call from this strange amount. they didn't leave a message. the call appears to originate from Netherlands.


    By R c Sims 10 Jun 2016

    three times i receive calls from this unknown number

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