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By Erik Hodo 05 Apr 2016

Received a call from that number at am any info's will really appreciated BR united states

By Mark Broda 12 Feb 2016

They called me asking if i could turn on my PC advertisement it was sending them internal critical malfunctions from my laptop and one had anything similar.......

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    By martin schmit 03 Jun 2016

    got a call from this number. the caller did not leave any message.


    By Stephanie Goins 19 Jun 2016

    about time phone companies took responsibility for the idiots making unsolicited calls obviously they're upwards to no good


    By Kathleen Stika 11 Mar 2016

    got a call from report it and help to identify who and is calling from this number.


    By careerpath.com 30 Jun 2016

    I've received calls from these nos and . the two persons are fake people with fake identities and they use several telephone numbers in order to snare you.BR BR is been called by mod sham shad khan sub inspector crime division lacked KIA Paul Hyderabad and is recommend shock Proudhon. the person mod sham shad khan introduces himself as Si from offense branch and will attempt to frighten you that an detain warrant is issued and the individual has to seem in front of him at the offense branch authorities station. when you raise several questions around the arrest warrant he will provide recommend shock Proudhon with a case amount and tells us to talk with him around the case details and informs you to revert back to him as what we discussed with shock Proudhon. BR BR when we raise several questions with shock Proudhon he gets frustrated and says that he will issue an detain warrant on you instantly. I have asked several questions around my address dob place my business details and he has no answers for my questions. immediately the next to Min's mod sham shad khan will call and tell that an detain warrant is issued on our name and the local authorities will arrest us at any minute.BR BR i suspected the very first call from mod sham shad khan as he may not answer my questions and i did a foundation assess from my understood police contacts to see whether they are genuine or fake. my understood police contacts has contacted them and they were unable to reply the questions and unable to supply the arrest warrant number and the case amount.BR BR I have go ogled and found that there were earlier cases of the same kind and i would like to alert everyone on these two fake numbers and identities.


    By Garry Ogden 01 Jul 2016

    one person call me to my registered mobile amount to verify my addressable this is true or fake call please answer me


    By Suzanne Schaul 27 Jun 2016

    got a call from this telephone amount.


    By Ashley Swenson 09 Jul 2016

    received a telephone call from this number. no message left.


    By Tracy Beard 23 Apr 2016

    how around the most amateurish searching web site ever dated consisting of just one page. claiming to be a global company but strangely giving no telephone number for the London office speaking of the London office they promise to be at more riverside London but Google does not concur. additionally interesting that two business names have been used for this amount since Th march. merely did these few checks since finding a missed call on my phone.


    By dee sanchez 01 Jul 2016

    named unknown number


    By Elliott Epps 11 Jul 2016

    no express message

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