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By Kellis Hebert 07 Jun 2016

Got a call from this telephone amount.

By Haver O 09 Apr 2016

Withheld amount on land line.BR this received on mobile.BR no message and not answered

By Georgia Maysecraig 19 Mar 2016

Had missed call from this amount no notion who it's anyone understand

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    By Coura Galiba 27 Jan 2016



    By Jennifer Charles 20 Feb 2016

    got a call with no message left.


    By Lenny Schweisthal 20 Mar 2016

    need to know who call me


    By Lyle Reinhardt 29 Apr 2016

    does anyone know who calls from this telephone amount.


    By Diana Hawks 25 May 2016

    they're just checking the amount exists. you might now be inundated with other calls.


    By Ben r c Guevarra 10 May 2016

    a .com phone number..com telephone amount.ASPCA


    By Nikki Rader 09 Jun 2016

    keep being prank called


    By Danielle Begaye 20 Apr 2016

    merely got call. said please hold automated express. then nothing. annoying instead than sinister.


    By Judy bell Bell 02 Jul 2016

    a message to all of you on this website. i am a senior manager at a big fiscal services business who has been harassed and i don't use that word casually by representatives of both SPCA and gov internet.BR BR i disagree with all of your tactics and the way that you are conducting yourself on this website is fairly honestly disgusting.BR BR both of your businesses seem to have the moral outlook of streetwalkers. i have located a couple of great suppliers who i continue to use on a routine basis and i also run my own events and i would urge anybody who reads this to avoid all difficult sell high pressure events advertising companies like the plague.BR BR you give your whole industry a awful name i am fearful. i would concentrate less on fighting with each other and more on your company model challenging sell on the phone is not a long duration alternative to building a sustainable company. i for one and i have instructed all of my colleagues in a similar fashion will never deal with any organization that feels it essential to phone or e email me on occasions in one day.BR BR and i would wonder how all of those MIPS and public sector workers feel having been quoted as component of this very juvenile exchange. i propose you all grow upwards and use your time and energy more productively.


    By Julie Morris 30 May 2016

    i got a call from this number there were some noises in the history and i could not hear anything undoubtedly so i only hung upwards.

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