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By Michele Robbe 30 Jun 2016

Ken I'm surprised you were charged .. did they not give you staff discount

By Cora Bond 30 Jun 2016

I merely got a call yesterday afternoon from benefit amount as above missed it as i was working wen i tried to ring back it said i couldn't who r they raining

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    By Megan Gerke 06 Jul 2016

    they rang i picked upwards.. they said nothing i said hello. and they merely hanged upward.


    By Feneis Steven 23 Jun 2016

    just had a call from this amount claiming to be from AZ asking if i had received their information about a personal loan.last week Indian emphasis. i confirmed yes and she proceeded to try and sell me a personal loan. will never can company like this around the phone. if i want a pl i will go into the division. i am funny of calls like this.


    By Phillip Colter 05 Jul 2016



    By Collette Youse 21 Jun 2016

    attempting to find outside who calls from this phone number.


    By Kenda Cunningham 23 Jun 2016

    wish to understand the identity of this caller


    By Molly Hutchenson 28 Feb 2016

    Harrington's advisory ltd poi claims.please whine to the right power if you have had a call from this business. i am on a mission to get this company their only desserts. for chilly calling harassment scams exceptionally poor customer service and the list goes on. they're using local place codes i have located telephone numbers for them so much and still counting. they are also linked to many other companies. selling pension advice accident claims mortgage advice and so on. they change their name to caller so harder to locate Harrington Harrington associates Harrington's of brick Harrington claims business financial service and Harrington's poi among others probably . addressable Harrington's advisory limited in wood houseboy castle croft roadbed bribery Lancashire bl Ln BR company registration no.BR please whine to the claims direction regulator ministry of justice email .gov.UK telephone BR and a .org.jackal our helpline on BR legal ombudsman for general inquiries email us .org.UK call USB


    By Gaye Noland 02 Feb 2016

    i merely got one of their recorded calls. they have been ringing me for ages weeks and weeks. i was bored so i listened to the complete call. at the end there is a select out option. on your handset. maybe they will quit ringing me now. ill let you know if it works.


    By Stephen Hytha 14 Jan 2016

    for who this number


    By CYNTHIA L PARKER 23 Jun 2016

    i reply they hang upwards.


    By Ann Dey 19 Jun 2016

    received a telephone call from this number. the caller left no express message.

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