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By Michele Robbe 30 Jun 2016

Ken I'm surprised you were charged .. did they not give you staff discount

By Cora Bond 30 Jun 2016

I merely got a call yesterday afternoon from benefit amount as above missed it as i was working wen i tried to ring back it said i couldn't who r they raining

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    By Brenda Devers 23 Apr 2016



    By Daniel Vandam 28 Mar 2016

    the number is fake. it's never been issued for use.


    By Allison Price-appel 07 May 2016

    i reply they hang upward.


    By Courtney Lazenby 01 Mar 2016

    has any one complained to police about it... as i have already given responses three times to the same amount ...


    By Dylan Kroger 14 Apr 2016

    i have all numbers from these scumbags filed under dint response...comes up on my screen and i just laugh...who would they think they're fooling.


    By Geraldine Dailey 21 Jun 2016



    By Melinda Mumford 04 Feb 2016

    finally spoke to them its international call supplier business. sump sales call


    By Myra Atkinson 14 Feb 2016

    had this amount call me three times my husband told them off and put the phone down i answered the next two told the one i had taps and they still carried on saying that i could reduce my credit card debt and that i would not have to pay any interest. they passed me on to another man who began on about reducing my debt and when i said that i was taps and inquired for her name and amount she put the telephone down.afterward the other day i had the same cop any telephone me upward and my daughter answered the phone and inquired why they keep phoning and also asked who they where and they put the phone down. this a great scam if you are not keeping your whits about you.dint give them any details credit card or any thing else even your first name or date of arrival which they inquired me for.


    By Iralee Colonel 06 Apr 2016

    a pause and subsequently goodbye in an unaccented female voice


    By Christina Kalna 27 Jan 2016

    claimed to be from some energy saving business called my aged mom four times to try to bully her into signing up for some specious government funded plan. am contacting of com to whine number obviously spoofed.

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