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By Elizabeth Batterman 04 Jun 2016

Noticed this amount has been calling me after i gave info for colleges. i replied the telephone but no on the other finish of the line. now when they call i just let it ring. i freak within better not get billed some outrages charges for whatever BC of this

By Pearl Meaux 16 Jan 2016

Received a call from this number while was talking on other line.

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    By Nick Bodor 24 Jun 2016

    the caller left no message.


    By Theresa Chapple 10 Jun 2016

    BR debt collector from courts mammoth disguise as a attorney superb rude and ridiculously idiotic. keep shifting their names like those Indian scampers you see within YouTube. they are the Malaysian variation of Indian scampers from India. peace if they call you simply ignore them. group of liars harassing others.BR p.s bigot courts mammoths SD. Bud.BR remember


    By Devon Williiams 30 Jun 2016

    who is the owner


    By Carlette Martin 10 Jun 2016

    who calls from this amount and what do they desire.


    By Crystal Clemons 21 Jun 2016

    got a call


    By Donald Dearman 09 Jun 2016

    what business is this


    By Feliberto Ramoran jr. 20 Mar 2016

    strange questions around my customer base


    By Carla Kinko 28 Jun 2016

    got a phone call from them did not reply only checking account who it was.


    By Ebeth Young 02 Jul 2016

    called Akiva and was charged for calling this number BR BR what sort of scam is this. they're ripping people away . we need petition to cease these thieves


    By Alice Morrissey 25 Jun 2016

    Batu DPT call Ni Dario comb Tanya..DA org sank pasty pier parkas org lack..

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