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By SARA 11 Jan 2017


By Thomas Bohenek 21 Jun 2016

It was truly a text purporting to be an automated message from a secret admirer searching for a date presumably due to its proximity to valentines day. to review the message it invited me to click on a link. being somewhat skeptical I've declined.

By Vanessa Grebe 08 Apr 2016

We received a call from this amount yesterday.

By Hendon Mcgallagher 15 Mar 2016

Who is caller

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    By Sandy Fallis 08 May 2016

    unknown caller


    By Stacia Eickholdt 15 May 2016

    con KIA bat KIA tomahawk. koala BA Kit Kasai pa rang Nikita q Na to ING numb Na to somewhere. d q LNG Malaya Jung Sana at Klan. ....


    By john pijanowski 03 Jun 2016

    received a missed call from . that was the whole amount on the display. not even a full number. anyone ever seen this before


    By Sheila Grieshaber 09 May 2016

    premium rate call back scam. they want you to call them back and they will keep you busy with lies and nonsense while you run upward a bill.


    By Wim Wientjes 23 Jun 2016

    a isn't info ml Lhotse.YouTube..YouTube. BR yes it is a scam.


    By Richard d Schleifer 04 Apr 2016

    got calls


    By Holly Rambo 01 May 2016

    i didn't reply it


    By Pat Herda 26 May 2016

    i need to know this man cos he or she consistently calling me but she or he dint react to me when i reply a call an when I am call her or she back no react. thank u for helping me


    By Microutsicos Xenophon 09 Jan 2016

    BR its breaks my heart to have to compose this message but please urge what i should do.BR as a makeup artist i love doing new makeup courses. i contacted many individuals and in the finish decided to go with a makeups real name muskrat Ahmed from bury. i presumed she was amazing and gave her a deposit which she received. long story short she took my money and when it came to booking my train ticket for this planned course on Th December i named to affirm the course times and she said no class is going ahead. she offered me February dates which i could not would and when i politely asked for a refund she said no as deposits are non refundable. i subsequently went on to inquire many times for my cash back kindly and she blocked my amount. i had to get various family members to call her and she said she didn't like the way i spoke to her so i wouldn't get the money back.BR to add insult to harm she was on holiday when she was guessed to be doing the courser i am not one to bash another cosmetics artist but this is fraud to another degree. i have attached all messages between me and makeups for everyone else to create their own judgment. who knows how many folks she has done this to and how many brides and students have lost money but not had the nerve to talk outre i have spoken to action fraud who work with the city of London authorities trading standards and a independent solicitor. they have all agreed that this is absolutely a crime and action will be taken. if anyone has had any incidents please Dem me and as this will build a case for us all to receive a refund from this thief.BR see all text messages below and even the legal letter i have sent to her.


    By Holly Putman 01 Apr 2016

    was speaking Spanish

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