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By Carlulu Zimmermen 21 Jun 2016

Got a call claimed to be from the IRS dude with really broken English. sounded possible from India. heard lots of noise inside the background. hung upwards an named the IRS popular line an was told that indeed it was a scam.. asked if i could supply the amount i did and they said they would instantaneously have their agents searching into this.

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    By Jonathan Sutyak 01 Jun 2016

    you have reach the collar on the head. no one who chilly calls like this knows anything around your computer. they depend on frighten tactics and lack of computer knowledge. Microsoft and its partners would never ring you. it's a breach of their seclusion rules. BTW some of these scampers are adding a new twist. they ask you to check a serial amount on your computer and tell you that the number is exceptional to your machine. they say that is how they know your machine is sending the errors. this is a lie. the serial amount is the windows licence number and is the same on all computers worldwide which run windows. hows that for sneaky


    By darick lawrence 25 Apr 2016

    need to know address details


    By Rosemary Magnotta 21 Jun 2016

    scummier posting fake RV ads on grisliest. additionally uses .


    By Merideth Archer 14 Feb 2016

    is that message not given by the telephone system when a amount is not valid


    By Av Parikh 17 May 2016

    mere mobile per is Nam BA see call par KO bat nah ho ta hair


    By Rich Mummert 12 Jan 2016

    keeps call g a ski g for my girlfriend. when i say she not accessible they hang upwards. happened times now. either Asian man or woman. never English speaker. appears very dodgy. prevent answering


    By Carmen Candia 30 Jun 2016

    cease calling me.


    By Dena Tucker 07 Jun 2016

    got a telephone call from this number. the caller left no express message.


    By Sherry Schauf 05 Feb 2016

    calls multiple times per day.


    By Bw Burgess 17 Mar 2016

    cellular telephone text request to purchase an eBay business

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