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By Howard Gostin 19 Feb 2016

Me ya man divined Que Si no pa go diner me toccata Ir Ana co rte

By Daorong Yu 28 Jan 2016

This sequence of seemingly fundamental London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com can can around it. dint waste time blocking as number continually changes last digits. simply discount. or better still reply amp love winding up Natasha or whatever else untrue name shes using

By Bernard Conner 17 Jan 2016

Had two missed calls from this amount. named number back both times and heard message you have dial led an incorrect number check and dial again. i dint understand how the telephone system enables bogus numbers to be sent.

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    By Namit Kapoor 20 May 2016

    poi recorded message.....


    By fred shorette 11 Jun 2016

    its bucks county jail.


    By Shirley Leone 19 May 2016

    need to know Te amount that called me


    By Aura Nieto 08 Mar 2016

    western union copies for a transfer requested on my name


    By Jerry Hypes 14 Jun 2016

    a girl with an American accent called from this number which showed on my phone as Leeds. she was pushing pension and investment reviews. i pressed her for where she actually was and she said the Philippines


    By Md Machisak-herndon 27 May 2016

    dear sir today i missed a call from BR kindly request you to give me a call again.BR best regards mu hammed Kitty preamble mob.


    By Tina Spinosa 30 Jun 2016

    i got one yesterday as well


    By I Worsham 06 Jul 2016

    keeps calling me starts away with i am not selling anything BR talks around asking a few questions BR dint know how they got my number though


    By Dayshawn Richardson 17 May 2016

    i actually dint understand this number. i got a call just then


    By alex patten 27 Apr 2016

    it wasn't read as a criticism. I'm pointing outside inconsistency and pointing outside that i have attempted and given upward reporting flooding events to a moderator. your suggestion wont happen.BR my definition of flooding doesn't contain one additional post per thread where there is a chance the number will make a pest call to me like today.BR nevertheless after you travel to Dundee and get them to use one single amount i will be joyful to oblige.

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