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By Dierra Solomon 15 May 2016

Who named me from

By Viresh Dayal 25 Feb 2016

No clue who it was...

By Kiona Mann 08 Jan 2016

Not heard from them before.

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    By Evan Lagrave 05 Jul 2016

    i had a feeling it was however another from cap quest as when ever my complete name is used with a cellular telephone number I'm wary so answered the call but didn't talk only let the bloke discuss to himself I have had a few amount from cap quest employees on the mobiles attempting to find me out when i block them they still can text me have to get net set upward on my phone to be competent to block these as Weller buying a dead debt from another company or rather it being passed from link companies down to cap quest now as was with arrow global who subsequently passed it to cap quest probably as they've now set up offices within my local place not paying it have no notion what he debt is for anyway as no one has ever place who its from initially consider these numbers may be connected to cap quest as well but have missed the calls more cellular telephone numbers amp . also they have sent me text messages on these numbers or they've messaged me on this amount but it comes upward like this on telephone


    By Hasan Mahmood 05 Jun 2016

    this amount named my December at . pm.


    By Barbara Aquinlan 25 May 2016

    the person from this amount calls say and says he is ringing from Leicester city council but are lairs been ringing us about times a day for last few weeks


    By Hirsh Sandesara 06 Jun 2016

    a hang upwards call


    By Kelly Borgos 05 Mar 2016

    another bogus spam phone call claiming that it's from the IRS affecting a so called lawsuit. the express mail message was very poor and contained many pauses in the text message. the IRS does not phone around anything and only send letters through the post office.


    By Susan Anderton 08 Mar 2016

    got a call last nighttime no message l presume its insurance


    By Neetu Gupta 13 Apr 2016

    its MSG from arachnid kraal


    By Latasha Wynds 01 Jan 2016

    called same time in the evening twice now did not reply. no message


    By Kristy Tew 29 Jun 2016

    received a call on my cell.


    By Sajeedah Abdullah 16 Jun 2016

    i also get a call from this no

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