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By Elvis Arevalo 20 Feb 2016

I want to know who is this person

By Jimmy Perdue jr. 25 Jan 2016

Not the essential switchboard number that's

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    By Lauren Alsip 06 Jul 2016

    was called by this amount but did not answer.


    By Maureen Njoku 01 May 2016

    called my mobile phone.


    By Kay Koelling 21 Jun 2016

    another unknown number


    By BRYCE RABA 27 Jun 2016

    this number calls me non quit and is a nuisance.BR answered it the first time and they said it was a government marketing company doing a survey on small companies.BR i dint decide upwards now as i don't have the time nor am i interested in doing a minute survey.BR wish they would stop calling.


    By OLIVER REDDEN 05 Apr 2016

    this number rang me today some bloke saying he had my credit profile this guy had a heavy emphasis but the humorous thing was he said his name was john i hung up


    By Chelsea Loving 04 Jul 2016

    who this pals


    By Halina Mleczynski 05 Jun 2016

    had this call several times just seconds of silence


    By Dannielle Decario 12 Jul 2016

    a call from authorities station Sung Petain


    By Dominic Patricio 01 Apr 2016

    i was really impressed with the manner the software capabilities were explained. the technical knowledge was excellent resulting within making a number programs being made redundant e.g. McGee . by your intervention today i now have a new level of confidence that my PC is working perfectly fine its great company how ever they charge to provide great service .BR many thanks.BR George


    By Patrice Simard 06 May 2016

    cold caller. the Asian lady that answered when i called back had such a powerful accent that i didn't get the name of the business. i did create that the call referred to poi. as i claimed mine myself without any help i got all of the refund and didn't have to pay any commission. would it yourself folks

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