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By Ernst Mary 19 May 2016

Clement telephonic

By Cornelius Gilbert 26 Apr 2016

Backup mg Ada Meuse KO auk

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    By Peter Reger 25 Jun 2016

    arbitrary messages... claiming they're someone they are not


    By Peter Medico 18 Mar 2016

    sounded like a live call stating hi this is so amp so calling with a survey sorry we missed your call. random calls nights within a row same time


    By Emmanuel Semmes 21 May 2016

    it this a private number or someone wasting my time


    By Holly Winkler 13 May 2016

    did not response did not leave a message.


    By Anthony Innocent 09 Mar 2016



    By Alyssa Burke 01 Apr 2016



    By Evan Cheney 31 Mar 2016

    wanted to understand who owns this telephone number.



    i only say a few words to them within Spanish dint even speak the language and subsequently they hang upward pretty fast.


    By John Leota 01 Mar 2016

    knew it was a scam or promotion call and i have a quite noisy rattle that i shake down the line they go fast.


    By Cleveland Parkinis 05 Jun 2016

    i have had a few calls a day from this number. they assert that i have been included inside an accident yet i have not had an injury in my life. when i phoned them back they're a company named follow upwards services based inside northern Ireland. they say their data is purchased from viable sources. i listened to the rubbish they had to say afterward proceeded to ask the lady Sarah about the injury she had had and how she was recovering from this. she replied i have not had an accident. i replied oh yes you have Sarah my records indicate that you were within a pretty bad manner...... she proceeded to cut me away to discuss about the injury i had had.........anyway to keep a long story short these are chilly calling con folk and hope to trick people into believing that their calls are genuine. it was a property line amount within northern Ireland so this should be comprised within free call tariffs. any further rubbish and i will contact of com. i propose that others can the same....alternatively you could consistently mention how devastated you were when you crashed your Lego car into a wall etc....

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