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By art sperling 09 May 2017

Called 3 times in a row clamed to be US dept of health

By Meghan Desrochers 15 May 2016

Who called

By Sel Lopez 05 Jan 2016

I ignored the call.

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    By Paula Hoekstra 21 Apr 2016

    does anyone know whose number this is


    By Joanna Gauna 20 Jun 2016

    got a call from who said they were calling my amount as i am a Tolstoy business customer and they were from Tolstoy. the only problem with that lie is that the amount they called is a VIP number.


    By Bonifacio Dominguez 09 Apr 2016

    simply had this amount call but i never pick upwards the telephone. worst thing you will do as it confirms to the other finish yours is a proper phone amount which will be sold on to every piece of scum within the known universe. actually going by opinions already up here if inside this case its a company selling number blocking boxes its likely authentic as i had expertise with them a year ago. but what angered me about them was they said id be charged . a week for the box but when i searched on my bank statement later they had taken the entire . in one lump amount. i demanded my money back and sent back the box and they were great enough to refund the money. however i discovered that customers are fortunate if they can use the box as the accessories for installing it are perfunctory and will fail with many peoples phones e.g. those with a wall mounted handset. back upwards customer service when this happens is poor to non existent. my advice when receiving any phone call which works a treat tell all your real contacts to call you for the first or beeps then to put the telephone down. when you hear it dial to see WHO's called and you could call back the non lowlife individual beings that you understand. when you dial on a unexpected number where the call tone has gone on eternally you will afterward note down the number and Google to see what scum has attempted to get you to enable them to waste your time and anxiety you outside to boot up. i am locating that a great and more calls are within this kind. one day I'm going to live in a world where all such useless lowlifes are sent to a remote planet in outer space and quarantined there.


    By Leonard Forsman 13 Feb 2016

    who is this amount pals keep getting calls off


    By Durvell Smith 14 Jul 2016

    called my cell left no message.


    By DANIELLE DRIEBEL 26 Jun 2016

    this number keeps calling me


    By Dhsoa Gfdhtrss 02 Jun 2016

    desire to know the name of this caller.


    By Daniel Lofthus 22 Apr 2016

    pare recorded call their records show that i had a no fault accident. liars and scampers


    By Jose Sousa 02 Mar 2016

    keep becoming text message from . text reads please call quoting ref to promise. this is a con dint call the amount merely text stop


    By Charles Chosewood 07 Feb 2016

    don't know this number

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