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By Sally Ashman 17 May 2016

This number had been calling me x or more for successive days. i need them to stop calling me.

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    By Diana Ihannagan 07 May 2016

    anyone else becoming calls from this telephone number


    By Lisa m Curtis 02 Jul 2016

    answer the telephone politely. demand politely they state their first and last name to whom their exactly calling for first and last name what business their representing and exactly exactly why their calling. this is needed by the FCC for all companies to do. upon requesting this information demanded in first seconds of call if they cut you off get rude or would anything that bothers or upsets you blow a whistle in the telephone and than hang upward. they named you you didn't call them. they harassed and upset you. they threatened you. I've done this hundreds of times around years in states trust me it solves the trouble.


    By Deanna Turlo 15 Mar 2016

    selling boilers or boiler insurance sales call


    By Donata Bynon 20 May 2016

    if you live inside Scotland it is prohibited for debt collectors to turn upward at your door so simply blow off them.


    By Richard Lesch 30 May 2016

    called my property line. had anyone within my home worked in business and perhaps need to promise for hearing loss they were clearly fishing for business but i told them no and they were agreeable enough.


    By Keith Barryman 05 Apr 2016

    received a call on acreage line.


    By Sevy Wolfe 20 Apr 2016

    who called


    By Kari Figueroa 30 Jun 2016

    harassing fax calls around and around. per day


    By Gloria Amponsah 15 Jan 2016

    called but left no message


    By Jerome Boublis 31 May 2016

    phoned at am. code v inside name display. no message left.

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