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By Andrew Gil 26 Jun 2016

Haves furnishing customer service giving you your time and date for delivery

By Albina Ham 24 Feb 2016

Necessity saber quine es

By Geraldine Hawk 26 Jan 2016

Absolute parasites told them to fuck away and get a actual job

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    By Deanna Privara 08 Jun 2016

    pr out


    By Raymond Bailer 10 Jun 2016

    named me on my mobile number.


    By Gary Davenport 28 Jun 2016

    got a telephone call from this amount. the caller left no voice message.


    By Julie Lamar 12 Feb 2016

    who owns this telephone number


    By Saleem Chavis 22 Jun 2016

    well told Nebr BR a . crackdown on computer con . crackdown on computer con artists BR multinational crackdown on computer con artists Oct BR BR the federal trade commission announced Wednesday a multinational crackdown on so called tech support scams inside which the callers who generally asserted that they represented technology companies like Microsoft dell and security companies like semantic and McGee attempted either to sell virus protection applications or to get the consumer to enable remote access to his computer so that the caller could subsequently fix it for fees of to .BR BR within six cases filed within national district court in Manhattan the commission named individuals and companies most in India as participants inside the operations including many with valid sounding names enjoy virtual PC doctor and v tech solutions.BR BR at the commissions request a national district judge within Manhattan froze the united states assets of the suspects. the commission also said it had close down internet domain names and phone numbers inside the united states used inside the scheme. efforts to reach several of the companies and individuals were unsuccessful.BR BR the suspected fraud happened inside several English speaking countries. joining the f.t.c. within the enforcement action were the Australian communications and media ability the Canadian radio television and telecommunications commission and Britain's serious organized crime bureau.BR BR the story a hereafter.FTC.popcorn.Imhotep.FTC.popcorn.shamble BR FTC halts enormous tech support scams tens of thousands of consumers purportedly tricked into paying for removal of bogus viruses and non existent spy ware and allowing scampers to remotely access their computers the national trade commission has launched a major international crackdown on tech support scams inside which telemarketers masquerade as major computer companies con consumers into believing that their computers are riddled with viruses spy ware and other Malawi and afterward charge hundreds of dollars to remotely accessibility and repair the consumers computers.BR BR at the request of the FTC a u.s. district court judge has ordered a halt to six alleged tech support scams pending further hearings and has frozen their assets.BR BR the FTC has been aggressive and successful inside its pursuit of tech support scams said FTC chairman Jon libidos. and the tech support scam artists we're talking around today have taken frighten ware to a entire other degree of virtual mayhem. BR BR the FTC charged that the operations mostly based in India target English speaking consumers inside the united states Canada Australia Ireland new zeal and and the u.k. allowing to the FTC five of the six used telemarketing boiler rooms to call consumers. the sixth lured consumers by placing ads with Google which appeared when consumers searched for their computer company's tech support phone number. BR BR granting to the FTC after becoming the consumers on the phone the telemarketers supposedly claimed they were affiliated with legitimate companies including dell Microsoft McGee and Norton and told consumers they had detected Malawi that posed an imminent risk to their computers. to illustrate the need for immediate help the scampers directed consumers to a utility region of their computer and falsely claimed that it demonstrated that the computer was infected. the scampers afterward offered to rid the computer of Malawi for fees ranging from to . when consumers agreed to pay the fee for fixing the problems the telemarketers directed them to a site to enter a code or download a software software that allowed the scampers distant accessibility to the consumers computers. once the telemarketers took control of the consumers computers they removed the non existent Malawi and downloaded otherwise free programs.BR BR FTC papers filed with the court alleged that the scampers hoped to avoid detection by consumers and law enforcers by using virtual offices that were actually simply mail forwarding facilities and by using different domain names and distinct telephone numbers.BR BR the FTC charged the defendants with violating the FTC action which bars unjust and deceptive commercial practices as well as the telemarketing sales rule and with illegally calling numbers on the don't call registry. it inquired the court to permanently halt the scams and order restitution for consumers.BR BR the FTC acknowledges and appreciates the support it received from the Australian communications and media power ac ma the Canadian radio television and telecommunications commission CRT and the united kingdoms serious organized crime bureau each of which supplied invaluable help to the FTC. the CRT and ac ma additionally brought administrative actions for violations of their do not call laws. the FTC also acknowledges investigative aid it received from Microsoft as well as from other computer companies. BR the FTC cases targeted corporate defendants and individual defendants inside legal filings pecan applications ltd. fin maestros LC zeal it solutions pvt. ltd. virtual PC solutions Lakshmi information soul services pvt. ltd. and peccary inc. and individual defendants inside each of the cases. BR BR the commission vote to authorize staff to file the complaints was . the complaints were filed inside the u.s. district court for the southern district of new York. BR BR note the commission authorizes the filing of a criticism when it's reason to believe that the law has been or is being violated and it appears to the commission that a proceeding is inside the public interest. the complaint isn't a locating or opinion that the defendants have truly violated the law. the cases will be decided by the court. BR BR the national commerce commission works for consumers to prevent fraudulent deceptive and unjust company practices and to supply advice to help area cease and avoid them. to file a criticism inside English or Spanish visit the ft cs online complaint assistant or call FTC help . the FTC enters complaints into consumer sentinel a secure online database available to more than civil and criminal law enforcement agencies within the u.s. and abroad. the ft cs site provides free information on a variety of consumer topics. like the FTC on Facebook follow us on twitter and subscribe to press releases for the latest FTC news and resources.BR BR media contactable Claudia borne Farrell office of public affairs BR BR staff contactable colleen b. Robbins agency of consumer protection


    By Kathryn Curley 13 Apr 2016



    By christopher arlee 05 Mar 2016

    he rebid varies lambadas DECed Eli numeric graders me notify en a quine pertness Garcia's


    By Shaunarey Walker 14 Apr 2016

    missed call


    By Simeon Waathan 18 Apr 2016

    I have also merely a call from this number didn't answer but want to know who it's


    By Noreeta Stern 12 Jul 2016

    called two times today. no message left.

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