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By Ness 09 May 2017

I called back a guy answered and said hello can I get your loan# & ss# please, haha i ain't aware of any loans!

By Deborah Kweku 29 May 2016

Keeps calling my number.

By Jacqueline Rhyner 12 May 2016

To remind prominent bill.

By Dona Skidmore 10 Feb 2016

Got a call from this amount.

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    By Sheila Vangennip 16 Mar 2016

    a amount card going to Aussie con man fraudster currently tar getting Brit expats within Europe. we were victims number in but others have been identified ........ many hotels have fallen foul of his non payment.BR beware he changes his identity for each sufferer his real name is groan Markov an Australian of Serbian descent but additionally has been running inside the first months of as Kelly Boulder man Matthews colonel groan Markov and no doubt many others


    By Dawn Brock-fairbanks 14 Apr 2016

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    By Faye Karabelski 01 Jul 2016



    By Tom Schwandt 16 Mar 2016

    who is calling from this amount i have received repeated silent calls from them.


    By Jj Brevity 29 Jun 2016

    several calls offering inexpensive loan deals sounds to great to be true


    By Rima Nyman 19 Jun 2016

    i dint understand who call me


    By Everett Heringer 09 Jul 2016

    the number is allocated to discuss discuss but it's not clear if they use it themselves or lease it on to someone else.


    By Andrew Hart 04 Jun 2016

    why would you stay on the telephone for hours Min's if no one was speaking.ain't you got wet better to do


    By Carlos Tamulonis 28 Feb 2016

    received phone call. did not response.


    By CLYDE TAYLOR 10 Apr 2016

    its daisy communications they re telex's like BTU. keep calling me.

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