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By NICOLE WALKER 07 Mar 2016

This is a nascence call it calls me . times daily

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    By Satawat Garptip 13 Jun 2016

    it's definitively a phone number from Hewlett Packard.BR BR i am waiting for a hp call and first i received two phone calls from a voice robot er please enter your digit representative amount.BR the third call was from a hp worker same number considerably more friendly.


    By Jamie Dair 09 Jul 2016

    claimed to be from citizens guidance and said she was aware i had payment plans within place to repay debts i dint. i said so are you really from citizens guidance institution and she said no not citizens advice agency we're citizens guidance and we help folks compose away debts so i said you re simply cold calling numbers then and she said no she had my details to call asked her where she got them and she hung upwards.


    By Ricardo Melendez Jr 10 Apr 2016

    swift energy solutions


    By Anne Clark 11 Jul 2016

    artillery poi which i don't have.


    By Chrystal Oney 06 Apr 2016

    i just got a call from this number to my cell telephone.


    By Gina Schonthaler 08 Jun 2016

    no caller id


    By Jennifer Geoghegan 26 Mar 2016

    spin tel keeps ringing me every half an hour


    By Larry Brevitz 09 Jul 2016

    got a call from this amount. didn't response as i didn't recognized the number. left no vim either ... gone to my spam number


    By Casey Wolosyn 17 Jun 2016



    By MARC PURSE 27 Mar 2016

    caller claimed to be from eon. said my meter number did not match my address due to specialized problems. inquired me to give them my meter number. i presume they may then attempt to claim i am shifting provider to them. strong Asian emphasis and dreadful quality line. must try harder.

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