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By NICOLE WALKER 07 Mar 2016

This is a nascence call it calls me . times daily

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    By JANE FABRIZIO 27 May 2016

    which business no


    By Ryan Lamothe 19 Jun 2016

    it was only the sound of a guy laughing continue sly


    By Tania Conn 04 Jun 2016

    text from Sarah saying she was within hospital and needed a phone voucher. not a Sarah i knew.


    By Caitlin Apusch 10 Jun 2016

    this amount belongs to a Mr Pushkin Jose of Newcastle UK. he has defrauded me out of my months pay and not paid me any money. he has not paid a years petrol and electric including some tel bills around the course of Oct Nov totaling around .. suppliers he has not paid either at times. he opens food companies over the UK and tries to get everything done for free . and i would mean anything and everything. i am currently taking him to court for damages settlement. if he has also defrauded you used you please contact me if you wish anytime at .com. many the.


    By Christina Stelly 06 Apr 2016

    poi advisory


    By Clovis Santana 16 May 2016

    i have only had a call from this amount the man was very rude and even after i til him i dent have a computer he called me dumb and said i was lien i told him were to go and he told me to FL away I'm fuming bloody scam


    By Heather Blaiklock 19 Feb 2016

    call back


    By Kathy Loberg 21 May 2016

    crosses taxis


    By David Huemann 07 Jan 2016

    called me at work.


    By Vilma Fields 17 Apr 2016

    simply got a missed call from this number.

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