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By Grocery Boy 03 May 2017

No message

By Thermond Gilljr 14 Jun 2016

They're calling about times a day but no voice mail.

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    By Doug Hoza 22 Apr 2016

    this is a scam linked to the one for number and many others.BR BR a .com phone number..com phone number.aspics BR you get an email through where someone claims to be wanting a estimate from your company it appears perfectly legitimate the grammar and spelling are great and the goal looks to be to get you charged for making the call back at a premium speed. the giveaway for me was that the email address didn't match the purported business name and I've been around for long enough to remember GM as an old school USP. text of the email we received BR BR BR Huber BR I'm getting inside touch as a member of our business had requested a call from you a small while past.BR BR we are looking to get some costs if we can joy BR would someone be competent to give me a call on BR BR i am inside and out of the office now so it perhaps a case of attempting to catch me when free or leave a vim.BR BR regards BR Amanda bowing email Amanda.boinks.comber mobile


    By Hanford Plowman iii 07 Jul 2016



    By Cheryl Lebel 14 Jul 2016

    rib Ina lambada y no SE a quine pertinence


    By Jennifer Teaff 15 Mar 2016

    claimed to be from a brokerage business who could help me with my company which is instead clever of them since i dint have a business.


    By Jan Draudt 08 Jul 2016

    just wondering who is calling


    By Homer Haynes 24 May 2016

    does someone know who calls from this number.


    By Brenda Adolph 26 Jun 2016

    had peculiar texts from this number


    By laura bosse 28 May 2016

    i need to know if I am under danger from someone using this pH no.


    By Randall Spotts 14 Jan 2016

    they re right a small research can save you a lot of cash.... in future find a non priced free rated number instead of calling premium lines then blaming everyone except yourself...BR BR bloody nanny state


    By Michael Cadogan 12 Jul 2016

    want to understand WHO's trying to reach me

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