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By Janet Back 17 May 2016

I answer telephone but no one can there be

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    By Katina Hopper 16 Jun 2016

    this amount is fake


    By Natty Bernal 14 May 2016



    By Jackie Wren 18 Jun 2016

    though another amount for cap quest who are also component of arrow global who are component of another company that i cant remember name of they've purchased a dead debt and it gone from what ever the first business was to arrow international who are still component of the same company now to cap quest who again are component of arrow global and another company which i consider are Robinson way cap quest have offices within my region now so attempt and idiot me by ringing on the local number but I have never disclosed that I am the individual they re chasing i just inquire when i dint understand the number whose calling afterward when its them i say i have no thought who you re wanting you have erroneous amount afterward block the amount have had a local call today i dint understand who it was from as i left telephone on side while i chucked some rubbish out if they believe they re going to get cash out of me attempt getting blood out of a rock the fact its being moved between companies that all belong to Robinson manner anyway is a joke they've sent me letters and rang me from different companies chasing this debt fearful its probably never going to be paid


    By Diane Vialonga 27 Jun 2016

    this number has appeared on our phone bill. will you please tell me who it relates to.


    By Angie Kline 26 Jan 2016

    hushed call.


    By BRIAN HENCH 14 May 2016

    they call multiple times a day with a Spanish guy on the end who says hello and hangs upwards. weird


    By Loren Thomas 06 Jul 2016

    the amount may be from a Norwich exchange but it is allocated to sapwood es ms small a provider of VIP services. your call may well originate inside a land far way away. see a .sapwood.coma among the problems with telex's here is that thousands of numbers within our exchanges have been allocated to carriers with names we scarcely recognize. sapwood es ms ltd has at this Norwich exchange alone.


    By Shamekia Perry 17 Jun 2016

    got a call to day from this amount when i telephone back it was Alford we got a auto from Alford Rockford around ye rs past when we tuck the car inside for it service a year later left us with no auto to get back house had to get a bus mills away from where we left car when we went back to pick the car upwards amount ha rs after the auto was not reed er and when we did get auto back the auto was we at in side we told subsequently thy will not be doing no more thy still keep ringing ever year about a new service thy dint no the word no


    By Monica Coghill 23 Feb 2016

    does anybody else becoming calls from this telephone number


    By Donald Chick 03 Apr 2016

    no message left

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