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By Bobby Ker 11 Mar 2016

Anybody becoming calls from this number

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    By Chad Grover 17 Apr 2016

    my call lists with accurate call say i am automobile dial ling this number for a few seconds at routine intervals. might it be sky or what any info would be welcome.


    By missevelyn457 comcast.net Evelyn 11 Apr 2016

    fed upward with these nuisance calls i dint answer i merely ignore


    By P. Burke 11 May 2016

    calls cell phone


    By Royce Bradley 17 May 2016

    no response.


    By Douglas Hallock 17 Feb 2016

    it's upset me


    By Jamie Shapiro 21 May 2016

    attempting to locate outside who calls from this telephone number.


    By Stephen Matusiewicz 14 Jan 2016

    got a call from this amount. no express message left.


    By Brandie Powell 17 Mar 2016

    had a few calls from this number leave answerphone on they click away without leaving message


    By Karen Tymous 25 Jun 2016

    received calls from this amount today the first of which was at .am whoever it was left a voice email but didn't really say anything. they additionally text ed me telling me not to call this number they will call me back later but not saying who they were or what they desired. my sync.me program says the number is based inside Nigeria that's all i know. i have now blocked the amount. presumably its a scam of some type.


    By Lisa d Gartman 20 Jan 2016

    this amount hacked my blackguard and shifted my phone number to this. i have alerts for all activity on my account text for each transaction transform i create. result was i had a text to say id changed my number and within minutes id contacted blackguard fraud squad and prevented fraud on my card they didn't get time to pass any trade on my card. i propose you all get text notifications for all action on your card whether or not it was you who made the trade. i know its annoying all those texts after you've made a transform on your account but enjoy me they could save you a fortune.

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