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By Farhan Siddiqui 10 Feb 2016

Someone named Daryl claiming to be from BTU regarding outstanding invoices. thick accent and poor quality line hard to comprehend.

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    By Roger Luing 25 May 2016

    doesn't leave a message


    By Nancy Calley 01 Jul 2016

    i had missed calls from this amount now one every hour. the name cream sounds familiar as we had call us times inside one day calls in hours on st Jan. my husband replied and they said they were from cream and needed to save us cash on a mortgage. he told them that we were not interested. they are obviously trying calling from a different number now. were meant to be ex directory and are registered with the taps so i need to know how they've got hold of my name and number


    By Anaxirinia Gonzalez 29 Mar 2016

    i keep becoming messages advising of a delivery from this business for ff white goods i did not order anything so is this a fake delivery to get me to ring the number


    By stacy stiegleiter 16 May 2016

    only left a message


    By Bradley Light 10 Jun 2016

    keep calling my land line subsequently hanging up


    By Anson Rabinbach 11 Jun 2016

    cant get hold of this address for sunning dale please.


    By Tracie Styles 09 May 2016

    needed to know who owns this phone amount.


    By Mary Menzies 06 Feb 2016

    no one said anything.


    By Michael Wukela 15 Jun 2016

    named at pm. wrenched injured back striving to reply as believed it was family.


    By Nate Newbold 14 May 2016

    a recorded foreign female voice. telling me i have been chosen by the government for a grant of . which i dint have to pay back. if i need to get this cash i have to phone this number . call us back before the give gets rejected.

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