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By Cathi Potvin 19 Jun 2016

Automated poi call

By Ashley Dornath 05 Jun 2016

I received this call overly. i would not give the gentleman from India my personal advice and stated i would call my local authorities dept. i contacted the ft pierce authorities and they told me it was a scam to get your banking information

By Ra Herrig 24 Feb 2016

Calls all the time.

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    By Nite Satyr 20 Jan 2016

    needed to understand who owns this number.


    By Veronica Kauffman 26 Apr 2016

    none of this batch of numbers has ever been issued so they exist just inside cyberspace so no one could call or locate them. the fraud community has caught on to this inside recent weeks as will a fast scan down the latest calls list on Cm show. clever little trick to encourage possibility victims to response their telephone from seemingly a essential London UK caller.BR of com inside its normal wisdom amp eternal optimism has place apart for movie amp television companies to use when an actor is making a phone call bit like every amount on u.s. produced picture amp TV uses Ann xx xx where Ann would be n.y. or la place codes etc.BR anyway Thur some clever Hogwarts kind wizardry the number you see ain't constantly what it appears.BR for what its worth if your caller show has with any digits blow off block if you may dint answer it therein lies the route to despair and loss of money.


    By Anna Wozny 13 May 2016

    Juliet Scott or bother on what evidence can you say this is definitely Perth amp who has been warned


    By Keith Vattimo 07 Feb 2016

    who are why not leave a message


    By Diana Lat 22 May 2016

    as others got a missed call from this number they left no message.BR area code is seafood.


    By Maria-stella Altomonte 13 Apr 2016

    silent call and afterward hang up


    By Janine Lord 11 Feb 2016

    claiming to be British gasoline however i rang the real British gasoline who said they cant touch the account these folks have stated we owe them cash on. additionally cant find an account at the addresses i gave them. additionally when i inquired the scampers what business they were looking for they could not answer the question citing security. i asked the actual British gas if this is normal process and they said no. scam don't give any advice.


    By Jobi Shrieves 29 Mar 2016

    this sequence of apparently fundamental London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com could would about it. dint waste time blocking as number continually changes last digits. simply discount. or better still reply amp enjoy winding upwards Natasha or whatever else false name shes using


    By LIN BRYANT 11 Jun 2016

    nuisance call with a recorded message about free government boilers being read out by a bloke who seems a little too excited for his own great. really questionable as it asks you to press a amount to either talk to someone or be removed from their list.


    By Riley Patricia 19 Jun 2016

    tried to call

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