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By dave grams 11 Feb 2016

Named me now didn't leave message if you response they will only call you more.BR BR make sure you merely let it ring through they will believe the line isn't used and leave you alone.

By Mary Mikkelson 19 Jan 2016

this number where locating thanks you

By Esther Petross 07 Jan 2016

Dear Sabre I am fir oz mamba i here by request that the above . us dollars mentioned be remitted to me at the earliest.BR here is my private information

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    By Ashley Adrian 18 Apr 2016

    the calls I've had in hrs are


    By Daniel Engrav 27 Mar 2016

    so exactly why can you charge without sending outside any paperwork making any durable detect either verbally or within writing and refuse to let people to cancel and afterward not give refunds. for which individuals have received nothing why do all your customers appear to be exposed older people exactly why are you charging up front for epic surveys before they are Nebr u have a fiscal adviser and he charges a fraction of this and doesn't charge until the cope is completed signed and i am completely happy. BR so what's it you charge forbore would love an explanation.


    By Zeritha Strong 23 Feb 2016

    two calls in one hour. one silent and the other cut off after four rings.


    By Carl Wooden 15 Feb 2016



    By Julie Biskner 28 Jun 2016

    unknown caller rang off


    By Anna Veith 15 Apr 2016

    some call me for this amount but i dint know why when i receive no speak


    By Hsy Uso 19 Jun 2016

    they keep calling my work number.


    By Susan Reehill 30 Jan 2016

    they say they're heather graham from HMS customs


    By Lazzeri Kinzer 17 Jun 2016

    desire to know the caller


    By Tracy Riffel 03 Apr 2016

    received a call from this amount and the man said he is from south Africa. sounds like scam phone call.BR he then mentioned around sending some documents to my house address which it's no longer my present address but because i questioned him where he got my address he merely hung up on me.

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