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By Edith m Brodsky 12 Jul 2016

Who this

By Luellen Carter jr. 13 Mar 2016

Like you i additionally worked at weather seal in Dundee for almost half a year and it was one of the worst employment experiences that i had the displeasure of experiencing. life's lessons that one would learn there were the way to be professional by not partaking within bring your booze to work Fridays where advertising visors would get drunk while performing sales calls on the Nebr BR sure its a rough industry only made tougher by laughable direction. if you we rent a personal buddy of Amanda's boozing it up with her on the vodka within her office during work hours then you had to create sure you made upward the difference and decided up the slack for the specific few. this was of class compounded by disgruntled customers who were miserable that despite being on the telephone preference service were being hounded repeatedly by the business and thus took it out on the telephone.BR BR the hourly speed was within fact below minimum wage you just made that if you had converted bites into confirmed sales per week. this wasn't constantly simple for some individuals and if you fell behind you were put back on training or were shouted at by managers like Amanda. no surprise this makes people need to stop to which the direction would remark that the quitters merely couldn't cut it. i had used with friends we all got in. everyone else left or was fired with considerably backtalk from direction.BR BR disgusting set to work at. the only good perk was that pay was weekly if you received it at all. not worth the walk up to Candace.

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    By Cathlene Kelley 09 Jul 2016

    who is he


    By Rayleene Samuels 21 Jun 2016

    nothing to back your story upward and a lot of unbelievable whitewash.someone has been active posting favorable comments on the other reverse directories with the same b.s.BR BR you are absolutely busted.


    By BENNY PULLEY 09 Jul 2016

    consistently call and never leave a voice mail


    By Mary Pfeiffer 18 May 2016

    IRS scam. they are striving to say we are being sued by the IRS.BR scam or fraud flagged as IRS sycamore BR peerless network vapory Huntsville MD


    By Joy Mosley 30 May 2016

    this is actually from SRO pent as. but you cant call back this number since they are using VIP i figure.. d. additionally there are a few companies within SRO pent as all TV station and radio station owned by media Priam. so its quite difficult to touch back who really called you. try call their general line instead at .


    By Debora Grey 06 May 2016

    left no message


    By Alex Khalaf 01 Jul 2016

    these guys sent me a text within the middle of a text relay with my son and i have accidental replayed Fine to what i though was my son only to locate outside i have subscribed to some celeb crap that then sent me over text messages until all my pr paid credit was gone. i topped it upward yesterday just to have it all eaten up again. i sent a ugly text back and they named me today from this amount saying too awful you said Acceptable... these individuals are total thieves and should be shopped inside. to cease the messages you have to Sims cease to the amount...does any one know who i may go to to have these guys checked outside i can only imagine what would have hap pend to people on a plan.


    By Sharon margaret Laughlin 09 Jul 2016

    appears as a missed call on my telephone at work.


    By JESSIE MORRIS 01 May 2016

    they simply called me. did not leave any express message.


    By kevin sato 24 Jan 2016

    its more than customer services there is a freephone amount on snoot.

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