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By Hal Plotkin 29 Jun 2016

Tack septa angst

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    By Larry Handak 11 Jul 2016

    rang did not leave a message twice irritating.


    By Zac Allen 08 Jun 2016

    the scampers never inquire for cash until after you have given them remote access to your computer which you did by using Tamera. the reason for this is that they understand most individuals will refuse to pay and hang upward. sadly by afterward the damage has been done as they have been able to see everything on your computer including bank details and passwords which is merely what they needed. the longer they kept you on the telephone the more tips they could bargain. you meed to check with your bank and any companies you would net company with and additionally get your computer checked outside. there is a warning about this scam on the Microsoft web site and they create it clear that anyone who makes this type of call is a scummier. there are no exceptions.


    By Shana Chestang 05 May 2016

    received call from this amount. i missed call so i named back but got recorded message.


    By Richard Helen mccrani 07 Apr 2016

    got a phone call. no message left.


    By Carrie Hyson 14 May 2016

    this purports to be from national cash savers. yet after a lengthy three manner conversation between McDowell media owners of the authentic MS and the direct marketing commission i took a distinct tack.BR BR i phoned McDowell medias sales line and said that i believed they were being impersonated this is still a chance. when asked why i presumed this i said that previous recorded conversations had been insistent that my phone number had been removed from their databases around three months ago and no one had called.BR BR as much as i am conscious i have not had calls from MS or anyone pretending to be them for months Nebr BR when i phoned the number back i got a recording saying they were from national cash savers.BR BR i believed the polite but i may have just rumbled you you've screwed upwards approach might actually afford more results. well see they call back.BR


    By brea balzano 07 Mar 2016

    this is a named that just says hello nothing more then puts the telephone down. calling late evening and early mornings.


    By alex lu 28 May 2016

    anteing ENE Sims van wormed bummer met DE virago of moot bog Te iteration stoned en op gave van e McGovern's .comber via e email affirmative bentwood. BR van wrongdoer Atwood op Brecht met Akkad over status moot en paregoric's met verge PayPal account givens op Te Keven. beta ling Zoe interlink outguessed word en Na beta ling Zoe transporter DE moot orphan. BR e mail vested met verge Allie organize en door Te Keven boor umiak perfecter. Gene reactor op regimen.BR viand heat bizarre situate en Google ... en Kim IT op Dee information. clucking bog Gene pot ten busted


    By Ilene Hall 01 Jul 2016

    called two times now. no message left.


    By Bill Corean 25 Jan 2016

    hushed call. bloody nuisance.


    By O brien David 29 May 2016

    i too get lot f calls from dis. . am within roaming and my money get wasted.

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