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By John Castello 02 Jan 2016

Dint know the number

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    By Antoinette Koon 22 Jan 2016

    they never leave a message.


    By Debra Vinik 07 May 2016

    i have had no finish of these calls generally beginning from head day to about pm.BR BR i had two call whilst i was sitting at ea and inquired the gentleman sitting next to me to response to the man on the other finish merely within case it was an important call.BR BR apparently whoever it was was attempting to sell set upwards a bundle of web deals despite not knowing who was on the other finish of the telephone. they spoke within an accent that's seemingly east midlands Blackpool or similar and was more interested within finishing a sandwich than replying to my assistants responses to her questions. i would not given them the time had they named on the house property line and sadly i believe the call diversion i have with BTU whenever i am out means i am paying to repined to a sales call when i am out but this isn't seen on the bill i get from BTU.BR BR to cease these calls and the price of receiving them i have to quit the call diversion that is place up significance i will no longer receive legitimate and family calls. when will some service i have signed upwards to taps quit being the toothless lion and ensure that their clients could use the service they have paid for without encountering charges by vermin


    By casey hancock 01 Jun 2016

    call me miss u.....


    By Chandra Tassell 29 Jun 2016

    striving to find outside who calls from this number.


    By Cheryl Mamamahaffey 23 Apr 2016

    may BR San Francisco got call. unfamiliar with this number. did not pick up. ill block them if they call again.


    By Feje Willyams 28 Feb 2016

    calls already now no one speaks simply hefty respiration.


    By Deshawn Woudy 22 Jun 2016

    keep calling my amount and not leaving a message.


    By Gbmgfgds Fgksdfgms 18 May 2016

    weird call. all that happened was i picked upward the phone said hello and a couple seconds of quiet passed then what sounded enjoy a recorded express said bye. and hung up.


    By Brittney Bright 19 Apr 2016

    long quiet call for seconds afterward recorded female voice said goodbye after which they hung up.


    By Ken Ellsbury 04 Jul 2016

    i don't know who call me

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