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By Janeal Hamilton-moore 17 Jun 2016

Who named to me

By Breena Cunningham 17 Apr 2016

Received a call on my cell.

By lobertw dstream.net Laura 30 Mar 2016

Told me this was a group call and that i was in debt to bank of America and that i needed to take attention of it instantly. told him he was a liar and hung upwards.

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    By kat boshey 27 Mar 2016

    received a call on land line.


    By Francisco Pinon 23 Jun 2016

    keeps calling dint response its a waste of time


    By Barbara Baskas 25 Mar 2016

    got a call from this amount its a poi reclaim company named LSD claims legal amp financial solutions ltd house plimsoll rd. towers business park Manchester m Y who claimed to be a partner company of a assert company id used in the past successfully i might add but they did take of my cash in fees where i now know i could have claimed it all back myself for nothing.BR this lot claimed they could look into my cases again and get me even more cash for something enjoy of anything i got or look further back and find new ones if i merely filled within a few details and sign a letter of permission the yd send me for them to contact my bank.BR i said to send the letter and id think around it. i was quite disappointed when their letter arrived and it was just printed off a computer and not on printed headed paper it looked economical and untrustworthy so i tore it upward.BR another thing that place me off was a clause inside the approval form where it said to my bank that it was only to communicate with ls directly and not to contact me about anything might it be only me or does that sound really dodgy


    By Jose Rmz 18 May 2016

    named and left no message.


    By Scott Bolthouse 25 Apr 2016

    its the new contact amount for nationwide customers. not a scam.


    By Bertha Morejon 27 Apr 2016

    four of my friends had this text too.... three of them knew it wasn't me and ignored it. the fourth assumed i had a new amount and did it BR BR can there be anything could that be done about it


    By Samuel Grein 14 Jun 2016

    keeps calling me and no speech


    By Makwa Mophead 21 Jun 2016

    continuously calls and leaves no message.


    By Carrie Mcveigh 19 Feb 2016

    keeps making annoying unanswered calls


    By Laura Geib 07 Apr 2016


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