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By Chris 11 Jan 2017

Everytime I answer the call from this number no one is there

By Rose Janosko 21 Jun 2016

Since about one week i get calls from this number. when i reply the phone there is no response

By John Bootes 16 Mar 2016

Phoned me when i said i was with telephone taste service and asked for the company name and address they hung up

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    By Asmor Green 23 May 2016

    apparently you've had accidents that you know nothing about and they want you to make a assert using them.


    By Lauren Olive 09 Apr 2016

    trying to find outside who calls from this number.


    By Aaron Fongfellow 26 May 2016

    have no idea who the caller is


    By Angela Jager 09 Jun 2016

    this person with hefty Asian emphasis says she is with general electrical promotional section and that i could upgrade my DAT wall pad for free. the name that came across for caller id was id. when i inquired what her telephone number and id was so i could call her back said mama i merely named you why can you desire to call me back. i said i want to verify that you work for this company. she kept beating near the bush then patched me through to her assumed manager which sounded just enjoy the lady i first spoke to. when i inquired for her phone amount and id so i could verify that she works or this so called company she hung upward on me. i called DAT and they assured me that these folks are scampers. i knew it was merely by the manner she could not pronounce my name. i attempted to call the amount but it was not a working number.


    By Stevie Nokes 15 Jun 2016

    missed call


    By Laurie Zeismer 19 May 2016



    By N lee Meadows 16 May 2016

    this fellow calling himself Matthias klutzier or Matt jolter among st other alias's runs a scam selling none exist ant cars on eBay please be aware and report to the authorities if contacted.


    By Nickee Jackson 17 Jun 2016

    lawman y no contest an


    By Dollie Ball 08 Jun 2016

    someone named me from this no they knew my name and address they additionally said i had no care carried out to my petrol water heater inside the last year i don't have one when i queried this unsolicited call the worker was rude and hung upward he had said they were boiler protection based in London i cannot find them on Google


    By Elizabeth Olver 10 Apr 2016

    got a call from this number. the caller left no express message.

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