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By Carol l Berman 16 May 2016

I got calls from this number but never a message.

By Jacob D Rivera 07 Feb 2016

Caller display records this agent has contacted twice the same day and not left any messages.BR the indications are the approaches are from the same source as numerous calls from allegedly talk talk or Microsoft.

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    By Dan Debenedettp 18 May 2016

    received a telephone call from this number. no voice message left.


    By James Brokemond ii 07 Apr 2016



    By Philip Oconnor 29 Jan 2016

    who are you


    By Christopher Petenes 12 Mar 2016

    always calling now blocked


    By JAMES MCCUBBINS 19 May 2016

    they call us every hour day and night. its a fax BR DECed Eli no Parana DE Lamar CAD hora a cliquier hora Del DA y DE la niche. Cost UN fax y Si SE react nadir contest Como Si Qumran comprise Que no ha ya nadir en Case para quine saber Que objectives...BR BR devolves la lambada es within til pique simper DA communicant o no contest an.


    By Rogers Charles 14 Mar 2016

    reported elsewhere as a nuisance caller from the far east


    By Sher Hudson 01 Jun 2016

    I have merely had two calls from this free service within the last Min's. i just left hospital this morning and am inside so considerably pain and it woke me upwards.BR I am within north wales and am becoming so many companies calling I'm no longer answering my telephone and have given my cellular telephone to those who would call me.BR individuals actually shouldn't have to do this


    By Heather Delvin 05 Jul 2016

    say NP SAM... mils NJ Job.kilo byre Blaine NP Bk blah Gina. line Acceptable tau DH ab is quota.


    By Sylvia Patton 26 Jun 2016

    did not answer did not leave a message.


    By E Prochazka 27 Apr 2016

    two rings to my cellphone no message. i overly added the number to my blow off list. hmm makes me wonder what gift card I'm passing on. I'm sure all they would need is your SS credit card number with CV and or our bank routing numbers.... and the gift card is yours

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