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By William Wineinger 08 May 2016

Telephone calls with no one on line when picked upwards.

By Jc Hollingsworth 20 Mar 2016

Ch aka

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    By Katie Kaelin 15 May 2016

    the source IPA address has been traced to a magic jack and the information and voice id has been turned around to the real IRS. mike Austin aka Ruben caramel of Dave Florida operating under a business known as allied electronic equipment recycling within Oakland park Florida.BR BR p.s. this individual is additionally seemingly running other scams dealing with selling identity tips stolen from hospitals and retired authorities and state computers and has understood affiliation with drug traffickers and terrorists inside Iran and Syria through direct family connections. big blunder presuming there was not someone smarter than you


    By Linda Mcferson 03 Jul 2016

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    By Frankie Folk 24 Mar 2016

    located the number on my caller id.


    By Stephan Honore 14 Jun 2016

    multiple calls from this number.


    By Dwight Grantham 06 May 2016

    call came upward as international additionally the amount left a message with merely my name and afterward hung up


    By Raul Ibanez 11 Apr 2016

    obvious scummier. calls and leaves a message identifying self as a girl when the man is undoubtedly man and will not identify the nature of the call simply gives an account number.


    By Alanda Coley 05 Jun 2016

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    By Stephanie Doucette 02 Jul 2016

    another unknown number


    By Doreen Lisa 19 Feb 2016

    number i dint know


    By Dustin Born 29 Jun 2016

    calls and hangs upward.

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